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Sell online simply and quickly !


Digital logbook for childcare

Vocal assistants in natural language


Online appointments assistant


Shopping deals and Loyalty cards

Clyps Events

Free tools for Free planners

Cient Vote

Ideas, Question, Comments, Problems, Opinions


Renting is easy


Rhe easy Interval Timer

About us

Client first :

Our solutions are User friendly. Our clients love their user experience. Because you care about your businness : We care about you.

Transparency :

We show you the true colors. No double talk. Because you don't like liers : we tell you the truth.

Simplicity :

We give only what you need. Because the technology is quite enough complex.

What we do

Online solutions

Web applications for your employees or your suppliers or your clients. We create B2B solutions to help you ebhance your efficiency, focus on your business processes and serve your clients.

Tablet solutions

We make your business mobile with tablets solutions, increasing productivity of all your organisation.

Smartphone solutions

With our smartphones apps your business is in your pocket and make you stay in touch with your offices.

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